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Hi there! This site aims to be a programmer's lifestyle blog. Yes, we talk here about code, because it's a beautiful, elegant and powerful tool of our mind which is capable of not just solving real world problems, but also of creating whole new virtual worlds! And by every day, we as humanity are one step closer to a moment when the difference between real world and virtual world will be almost indistinguishable! Being able to participate in this process is a great fun, and we write here about it.

The blog is created by a 29 old programmer from central europe. A good part of it is a collection of everyday mistakes that I'm making in my attempt to stretch my expertise and become a better programmer. Some of the blog posts are just simple reminders for me and for you, about the solutions for frequent or tough everyday issues in modern programming. It's there to enable you to debug more easily.

This blog is also about all other things which occupy a developer in a day. It's sometimes about math, the other times about electronics. We might say something here about traveling & fashion as well :) So bear with me, bear with this blog and drop a comment when you find something you would like to discuss.

This introductory article is  subject to change. It's going  to expand! Meanwhile, enjoy the blog and free feel to message me! Cheers!

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