Wednesday, June 14, 2017

1 week challenge - Let's not use ALT-TAB shortcut for one week

We all run  dozens of programs running simultaneously. We all use ALT-TAB to  quickly jump between those programs. ALT-TAB looks like a time saver. And it probably is. On the other side, we never consider a potential downside of using this, and other similar, keyboard  shortcuts:

ALT-TAB can severely reduce our concentration and therefore our productivity.

Pressing ALT-TAB will bring a new program to our screen instantly. Computer has no problems with fast context switching. But what about us - human beings? I'm not entirely convinced that we can do a quick context switch, without sacrificing our current thoughts.

Here is my challenge for you:

Can you try to avoid using ALT + TAB for 1 whole week. If you succeed at it, let us know how it felt? Has your productivity soared, jumped a little bit, or degraded?

I'm sure that there are some productivity awards for those who can endure this challenge. :)

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