Saturday, February 4, 2017

It's not (just) about happiness (in business)

Not about happiness. Neuroscience makes a nonobvious prediction about high-trust organizations: Trust combined with Purpose results in Joy at work. Experiments from my lab and others show that working in a high-trust culture modestly increases Joy. Trust effects Joy through the interaction of oxytocin and dopamine (chapter 1), making it feel good to be around trusted team members. Being trusted by others also keeps chronic stress levels low, eliminating a drag on Joy. But understanding the value the organization creates for society, its Purpose, provides a second oxytocin stimulus. Helping others—even at a distance—is a powerful oxytocin booster.

He said he knew it was a job because time passed achingly slowly. Now he has a career and he never has enough time because he has so many exciting projects; in his words, “When you have a career there just ain’t enough time in the day.” The monologue was hilarious, and you get the point: Careers produce Joy; jobs seldom do

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