Wednesday, January 4, 2017

"Can't see the forest for the trees"

Dictionary definition for "Can't see the forest for the trees":

When you are too close to a situation you need to step back and get a little perspective. When you do you will notice there was a whole forest you couldn't see before because you were too close, and focusing on the trees. 
Simply that you have focused on the many details and have failed to see the overall view, impression or key point.

Does this happen to you? It's a very common thing in programming. You end up looking at single part of code, losing sight of the big picture. In my experience, a good piece of paper or a Excel spreadsheet can come handy to strip the whole process to most basic concepts and elements.

Either physical paper or a computer program can help you visualize the big picture. Yes, the program is much more complicated matter than just a few concepts interconnected with some arrows. However, if you don't have clarity at this high-level, the low-level is going to be a mess for sure.

So, let's get back to basic, pen and paper and draw the forest! 

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