Friday, December 30, 2016

Diggression: Entropy and Life

In physics. from the laws of thermodynamics, speaking freely, entropy as a term refers to the level of order in a system. Lower the entropy, higher the order in the system. Famous physicist Ervin Schrodinger said that life in this universe feeds on negative entropy. This actually makes sense. There doesn't seem to be anything else in the universe that works so hard to reduce entropy like life does. Everything that reduces entropy, improves predictability and utility of any system is a good achievement and it should help us concentrate on further and further problems we need to solve. Entropy reduction is the only way we can predict and use things. Otherwise, everything becomes unusable and random.

So, it might be our highest goal on this planet to preserve in our efforts for reducing entropy on the planet.  I see programming as a very powerful way of entropy reduction. It can provide quick and efficient solutions for complex, or seemingly unmanageable problems. It can help us improve ourselves in so many ways, as human beings and as a civilization.

Here's wiki link for the topic of "Entropy and Life":

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