Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Some notes on debugging Android running applications

A few notes from recent troubles with debugging an app on Intex Helix 9 tablet...

0) Applications can malfunction for hardware-based reasons. For example, if your application
requires GSM card, which is not present in the device, app will crash.

1) Logcat is hardly accessible due to numerous driver problems with connecting adb to to the actual device (i.e. Intex Helix tablet drivers seem to be very hard to find)

2. ) If application wants to feature a monitoring app , it should ideally be completely separated from it. The reason is that malfunctioning Application Being Monitored will render the Monitoring App useless if ABM cannot be started.

3. ) There should be a semi-permanent error log on the phone / tablet which can be accessed offline if all other debugging attempts fail.

4. ) There is a particular type of silent error which very hard to debug ( i.e. user set to wrong category, which caues him/her receiving wrong information from service).

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