Saturday, January 16, 2016

Trellis/Vagrant problem - ansible-galaxy fails with : "fatal error - [FOLDER] not a git repository"

This is a tip for you if your vagrant up command, or  ansible-galaxy install command fails with something like this:

fatal error: [FOLDER]/.git  not a git repository

In my case , I have tracked this error to this line in roles/nginx/tasks/main.yml file of my Vagrant (Trellis) folder:

- name: Grab h5bp/server-configs-nginx
    repo: ""
    dest: "{{ nginx_path }}/h5bp-server-configs"

    force: yes

Replaced it with this:

- name: Clean h5bp/server-configs-nginx
  command: rm -rf "{{ nginx_path }}/h5bp-server-configs"

- name: Grab h5bp/server-configs-nginx
  command: git clone "" {{ nginx_path }}/h5bp-server-configs

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