Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Impact of hardware components on MySQL / WordPress performance

Recently, I had problems with a slow running WordPress site on my old Linux machine.
TTFB time was around 10 seconds on average!

On the other computer, the same page has about 1 second TTFB.

So I decided to put MySQL on fire , and test it in 3 different environments.

I used this command to perform tests on 3 systems (all 3 Ubuntu):

Command 1 (preapre mysql test db):

sysbench --test=oltp --oltp-table-size=100 --mysql-user=[user] --mysql-password=[pass] --mysql-db=test1 prepare

Command 2 (run the test)

sysbench --test=oltp --oltp-table-size=100 --mysql-user=[user] --mysql-password=[pass] --mysql-db=test1  --oltp-test-mode=complex --num-threads=16 run

Here are  the results:

Machine #1 (Virtual Machine on a Lenovo i7 with 8GB SSD cache and 4GB RAM):

Avg. request:
17 ms

Total test time:
11.7 seconds

Machine #2 (Host Machine on a Core2Duo 2GB 2GB RAM ):

Avg. request:
99 ms

Total test time:
63 seconds

Machine #3 (Vagrant Virtual Machine on a Core2Duo 2GB 2GB RAM ):

Avg. request:
292 ms

Total test time:
182 seconds

It's clearly indicated that hardware is a very important factor in WordPress / MySQL performance.

Upon transferring Vagrant to i7 machine, results improved, but not that much as expected. In case of the WP, theme seems to be the bottle neck for performance.

What provided a significant improvement on my i7  was replacing Vagran'ts php-fpm with HHVM.
It could be that nginx / php-fpm combination is poorly configured in the default vagrant box?

Also, adding more CPUs and memory to Vagrant box helps.

For Vagrant performance, and associated nginx performance, the disk access speed is crucial. In case of non-NFS Shared Folders , site load speed is reduced 10x times!! NFS makes it fly!

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