Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Blender - how to apply texture to a face of a 3D object

Blender version 2.73 - Unwrapping textures and exporting model to Assimp

Select an object


In Object data properties window (one with triangle icon) add new UV map

 In Material window add new Material

In Texture properties window add new texture and choose type "Image or movie".
In Image options below, find the image on HDD.
In Mapping section select the recently created UVMap (choose Coordinates: UV).


Now go to Edit mode (TAB) and select a face on this object. Click U to unwrap, and unwrap for any other face you want to texturize.

Export to .OBJ and loading using Assimp library should now work. Make sure you have normals correct and that they are included in the Export (CTRL N in edit mode switches normals, in case you have problems with lighting in OpenGL).

Also, for real time results, choose Texture View in header of your active preview window.

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