Saturday, September 19, 2015

PRODUCTIVITY AND MUSIC - Does background music increase or reduce your attention?

We all strive to be more productive. Some of use consider listening to music while working at their computer a good idea. However, one recent study shows that it might be the best not to listen to any kind of music while working. The study compared the attention and concentration of several student groups. The control group was put in a quiet room, without background music of any kind. Another group was tested with classical music, and yet another group was listening to hip hop music.

The best results in reading and comprehension of read text was achieved by control group - the group which was working in a quiet room.

Here's a quote from results of a research paper:

"From the finding of this study, we can conclude that the best way for students to study is to study in a quiet room. The participants who scored the highest in the reading comprehension task were the control group who performed the reading task in silence. A quiet or silent room would be the best condition for learning because there are fewer distractions that would take the attention or focus away from the task at hand. This is important in today’s society since our daily lives are immersed in technology"

Full paper can be found here:

Do you agree with this?
Do you perform the best when working in a quiet room? Or you consider listening to music a major boost factor for your productivity?

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